Scedule for Week 3

Written on 22.09.2019 21:13 by Sarah Sterz

The schedule of the upcoming week differs from the weeks before. Please note the following important dates:

First and foremost, we are going to have a guest lecture by Dr Anthony Milligan from Kings College, London, about the ethics of space exploration. It will take place on Wednesday, 25th September at 2pm, and we will join the people from the Space Informatics lecture. This guest lecture is relevant for the exam, but there will be neither a recording of the lecture, nor will there be lecture slides. So you will need to be present and take notes in order to know what Anthony Milligan is talking about and to prepare for the exam.

Besides this, we have some other changes:

  1. There will be no lectures or practices on Tuesday in order to give you some time to work on your essay before the contact hours of the course come to an end.
  2. Instead of a regular practice, we will have an essay Q&A during the first practice slot on Wednesday, where you can ask questions that you came across on Tuesday.
  3. Instead of a regular practice, we will have a mock exam on Thursday morning.


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