Assessment and Grading

Exam Admission

In order to be admitted to the exam you need to acquire

  • at least 36 points through quizzes and
  • at least 96 points in total (i.e. points from quizzes and points from assignments taken together)


There are 12 quizzes that are released each evening from Monday to Thursday. Each of them asks true-or-false questions that are concerned with the topics that were covered in the lectures from the day the test was released on. You can earn up to 6 points on each quiz.

For each question you can check one of three answers: “true”, “false” or “I prefer not to answer”. If you answer with “true” or “false” and are correct, then you get full points for this question. If you answer with “true” or “false” and are wrong, you get no points for this question. If you select “I prefer not to answer” you get half of the points for this question. How much each question is worth is said on the quiz. The points you get are rounded up to half points.

You have to submit until the end of Sunday of each week and in a specific format which is explained here.


There are three assignments which are released on Mondays. You have time to work on your assignment all week and have to hand it by Friday noon. You can earn up to 32 points in each assignment.



You final grade is calculated from your grades in the exam/re-exam and an essay:

  • 75% max(exam, re-exam)
  • 25% essay

In order to pass the course, you need to pass both the essay and the exam or the re-exam.

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