Ethics for Nerds Sarah Sterz, Kevin Baum, Holger Hermanns

How to Hand in Answers to Quizzes

Please hand in the answer for each quiz separately as a .txt-File. Your submissions are processed automatically and must adhere to the following format: the file shall contain exactly one line per question. A line is either “true” if you think that the statement given is true, “false” if you do not think that the statement given is false, or “-” if you prefer not to answer the question. You may prefix a line with the number of the question, e.g., “(4) true”.

The answers need to have the same order as the statements in the quiz.

Valid examples:

(1) true
(2) -
(3) false
(4) false
(5) true
(6) -

If your submission does not adhere to the described format you will not get any points.


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