Reminder: Our Last Day (Already?!)

Written on 25.09.2019 19:49 by Sarah Sterz

Tomorrow, we will have a regular lecture in the morning, followed by a mock exam. In the afternoon, we will have a rather short wrap-up lecture followed by a Q&A. So, be prepared to ask questions during the Q&A. I will stay as long as you still have questions, but there will be no practice afterwards. If you have questions specific to you, e.g. concerning your essay, then stay until after the Q&A and ask me or Nikolai in a one-to-one conversation. The Q&A will not be recorded, as it would unnecessarily slow down the process if I had to repeat every question for the recording (which I always forget to do anyways – sorry for that!). The short lecture before that, however, will be recorded.

Yet again, there won’t be any busses tomorrow. In order to compensate for that, you can send in questions until 13:45 that I will answer while still recording, if the amount of questions I receive will be manageable.

Also, we have our course evaluation tomorrow, so it would be great if plenty of you showed up such that we can get plenty of feedback.

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