Reminder: Guest Lecture and Bus Strike

Written on 24.09.2019 18:16 by Sarah Sterz

We are going to have the guest lecture by Dr. Anthony Milligan from Kings College, London, about the ethics of space exploration.
It will take place tomorrow at 2:00pm sharp in the Günter Hotz lecture hall (building E2 2), and we will join the people from the Space Informatics lecture.
This guest lecture is relevant for the exam and will most likely not be recorded.

Please note that, unfortunately, the strike of our local bus drivers presumably continues tomorrow. Be prepared that there might be no bus service at all. If you cannot make it to our regular lecture at 9:00, that's fine. We will exclude tomorrow's Superintelligence lecture from the exam relevant topics. But please make sure that you come to the guest lecture if this is in any way possible for you.

I hope to see many of you tomorrow!

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