Welcome to Ethics for Nerds!

Written on 06.09.2019 18:56 by Sarah Sterz

Dear participants,

Welcome to Ethics for Nerds! This is a friendly reminder that you are enrolled in the course and that it will start on Monday.

If you are enrolled by mistake or changed your mind about taking the course, you can deregister here. If you are still reading and have not deregistered yet, I assume that you still want to take the course, about which we are more than happy.

We will start on Monday, September 9th. Usually, we will start at 9 s.t. (that means 9:00 am sharp). On the first day, however, we will start at 9:15 in order to compensate for s.t./c.t.-confusions. The full timetable is available here. We know that this schedule is rather packed and tight. In order to make up for this, all lectures will be recorded and made available for download every day such that you can watch them at your leisure. (Nevertheless, I very much encourage you to show up for as many contact hours as you can and actively participate as much as possible!)

We are very much looking forward to meeting all of you.

See you on Monday!
Sarah & the team

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