Dear students,

please read the following rules very carefully.

You will learn about

  • the rules for passing the course
  • the rules for exam admittance
  • the rules for grade calculation
  • the scheduling of the decisive events
  • other relevant or useful information




We will have three regular exams: Exam I, II and III. In addition there will be a single date for re-exams, where all three re-exams will be written in direct succession. Exams and re-exams last 50 minutes, and participants can earn 50 points. An exam is passed if 25 points or more were obtained. Re-exam participation requires that at least one out of Exam I, II, and III were passed. The points earned in a re-exam replace the points in the corresponding exam only if higher.


Practical projects:

A set of consecutive practical projects will span the lecture period, where students demonstrate their ability to implement and work with the theoretical concepts brought to them in the lectures.  There will be three such practical projects, named Project I, II, and III, each being detailled on a specific practical assignment sheet. Programming will be carried out in C#. All three practical projects have to be submitted and defended by March 23, 2015 at the latest. Earlier submission should be default and may earn a bonus, see below.



Every student has to submit an individual solution to each practical project. Practical projects can either be failed or passed. In the latter case we call them 'flawless'. In order to pass a practical project the student has to present and successfully defend his or her solution to a tutor. We recommend the forum or the Office Hour for discussion of the conceptual aspects of the project.  Discussion about the projects is explicitely allowed and encouraged, but sharing of implementation is not. Handing in a copied solution leads to an immediate exclusion from the course, and a notification to the examination board.


Passing the course:

In order to pass the course a student has to pass Exam I, II, and III, or the respective re-exams, and he will have to pass the three practical projects, Project I, II, and III.



Provided all required exams or re-exams were passed, and all practical projects were defended successfully, the course grade will be determined by a monotoneously decreasing step function based on the sum of the points obtained, including potential boni. The function will be announced after the last exam, and might be updated for re-exams.



Our course management system dCMS is our and your portal to provide, present and collect all important information.



A discussion forum is accessible via the dCMS. This provides the opportunity to discuss with other students, tutors, assistants and the instructor. The default setting for student users is to have the forum subscribed, such that they will be notified about new comments via email.


Theoretical assignments:

Assignment sheets will be published in the dCMS (as pdf) under “Materials" on a weekly basis, in general before Saturday morning. We will have about 14 theoretical assignment sheets (labelled from A to N). *No* printed versions of sheets will be handed out. The assignement sheets cover the topic(s) of the preceding two lectures, unless announced otherwise.



We offer 'Tutorials' on Wednesday morning where the topics of the lecture and the theoretical assignments are covered. In the tutorial, we will answer questions, discuss common problems from the theoretical assignments, and offer additional exercises for students to work on. The tutorial will not be the place for presenting solutions for all theoretical assignments.

While tutorial attendance is optional, we strongly recommend participation. The tutorial takes place in SR 014 from 10:00-12:00. If attendance counts require this, we might open a further tutorial.


Office Hours:

We offer an 'Office Hour’ each Monday 10:00-12:00 and 13:00-15:00 in room 327 or 328 of E1 3 to give you the opportunity to ask individual questions, get help solving the theoretical assignments, and discuss your solutions with a tutor. You can also get help on the practical projects in the office hour from a tutor, but not by email in the last three days before any deadline.



For each of the practical projects a soft deadline will be announced in the dCMS. If a student submits a flawless practical project prior to this deadline, he or she obtains a bonus of 5 points each, to be added to the points obtained in the exams whrn calculating the final grade.

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