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The first lecture is on Apr 17th at 08:30 s.t.

Course Goals

This course serves as an introduction to the fundamentals of statistics and probability theory. Additional practical exercises will teach you how to perform rudimentary statistical data analysis using the Python programming language in combination with well-established packages such as pandas.



  • Descriptive Statistics and Visualizations in Python
  • Probabilities and Discrete Random Variables
  • Continuous Random Variables and Laws of Large Numbers
  • Parameter Estimation
  • Statistical Testing
  • Computer Simulations and Monte Carlo Methods
  • Stochastic Processes



  • Lectures:
    • The lectures have an irregular schedule: they do not run for the entire semester, and not every slot is used. Check the timetable for the ground truth.
    • Space: E2.2 Günter-Hotz Hörsaal
    • Time:
      • Mondays: 08:30 s.t. - 10:00 (in most weeks)
      • Tuesdays:  08:30 s.t. - 10:00 (in some weeks)
      • The first lecture is in the second semester week on Mo, Apr. 17th 2023.
  • Written on-site exam on TbA.
  • Exam Admission & Colloquia: TbA.
  • Office Hours:
    • TbA.
    • Bi-Lingual, i.e. tutors in each office hour speak English and German.



The registration for this course is open from Mar 31st. After registering, you must state your preferences regarding the time of your colloquium and your preferred language.

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