Final Exam Results

Written on 04.12.2020 12:11 by Gregory Stock

Liebe Studierende,

The results of the first exam and project 3 are now visible on your personal status page. The thresholds for passing the exam and for passing project 3 are 45 of 90, respectively 11 of 30 points. Furthermore, the dCMS shows the resulting grade which is calculated as the weighted sum of your exam (70%) and your project 3 (30%) results.

You will have the opportunity to inspect your exam. This will take place in person on campus, respecting the strict Corona Pandemic rules of Saarland University. The morning of Thursday, December 10 is reserved for this. Please write a message to @Assistants swiftly in case you want to inspect your exam. We will then make an individual appointment with you.

We will offer a re-exam, but not before January 2021. Please contact the @Assistants if this will cause you serious problems. Otherwise, please indicate your (not binding) interest by registering for “Re-Exam Interest” on your personal status page before Monday, December 14, at 08:59. We will use this headcount for further planning purposes.

Viele Grüße
Euer Space Team

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