Space Informatics Juan Fraire, Holger Hermanns


Guest Lecture by Lars Alminde, GomSpace

Written: 21.09.2018 14:55
Modified: 22.09.2018 08:36
Written By: Holger Hermanns

Liebe Studierende,

we are proud to present the guest lecture of Lars Alminde, CEO of GomSpace Luxembourg upcoming Tuesday (September 25) starting at 13:30 in our hall 001 of E1 3. 

Title: GomSpace, new space needs new software?

Abstract: The talk will present GomSpace as major player in the “New Space” revolution and focus on its recent new initiative in Luxembourg to start re-addressing how satellites, and especially future constellations, shall be operated in the future using state-of-the-art software technologies.

See you,
   Holger and Juan

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