Colloquium Assignments

Written on 20.04.2022 17:03 by Felix Freiberger

Dear students,

on your personal status page in dCMS, you can now find your colloquium group, colloquium time slot and your assigned tutor. In addition, we made the forum user names of your team members available to you. This allows you to contact them by private messages in the forum.

If we have assigned a person to your group that you cannot find in the forum, they may not have activated their forum account yet. Please try again tomorrow. If you still cannot reach them, let us know, and we'll make contact.

If you did not activate your forum account yet, please do so by visiting and following the instructions.

Please bring your student ID to the first colloquium. For those who chose online colloquia, please make sure you can join Discord with a device equipped with a working camera.

Kind regards,
Your Concurrent Programming Team

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