Results of the Project Defense

Written on 04.08.2022 13:33 by Felix Freiberger

Dear students,

the outcome of the project defense is now shown on your personal status page.

In case you have not passed the defense, you will need to rectify the remaining issues (assuming you fulfill the formal requirements to be able to do so).

For this second attempt, we expect the following in your repository:

  1. Your updated implementation. Take care that you have rectified any open issues and that your code is adequately commented and self-explanatory.
  2. Your (possibly updated) documentation.

Once you are ready with your updates, send a personal message to your tutor in our discussion board. For every problem that has remained in the project defense, include a brief list of changes you made to address them. We plan to inspect your updates soon after notification and will give you feedback then.

There will not be a second defense, your submission will be inspected solely based on the material you will have delivered. Please ensure that you have rectified all open problems and that you explain the changes clearly.

If you are unsure about what issues need to be addressed, please contact your tutor directly.

We highly recommend that you finish the second submission as soon as possible. The deadline is 12 October 2022 (the day of the re-exams).

Kind regards,
Your Concurrent Programming Team

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