Advent of Code

Written on 01.12.2022 10:18 by Andreas Schmidt

Dear HOD students,

while not a part of or related to HOD, we want to make you aware of the yearly Advent of Code. The website has a new two-phased challenge every day from the 1st to the 25th of December, allowing you to practice your coding skills. How you approach the challenge is up to you (obviously, we recommend to do it with Rust). If you want to maximize the learning and apply the new knowledge from HOD, an approach could be:

  • Read the challenge description and use the provided test case(s) as acceptance tests for your top-level function.
  • Decompose the problem into functions that solve smaller tasks and come up with useful data structures.
  • Apply test-first programming to solve these smaller tasks.
  • Leverage the IOSP you learned in U05 to integrate smaller functionality to solve the whole task.
  • As each challenge has a second phase with a new requirement (e.g. a new data filter or computation rule), you can also experience how maintainable your code is.

Have a nice advent!

Best regards,
The HOD Team

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