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Written on 10.11.2022 11:53 by Andreas Schmidt

Dear HOD students,
some of you might have already found the Changelog. As the book lives and evolves during the course, this is a place to revisit occasionally and see if you are up-to-date. We create versions irregularly but promise to create at least one towards project releases and exams.
Our goal is to make you aware of changes in time and, at the same time, not to mail you for every single change we make. Hence, we try to adhere to this policy:
  • Changes to future units are mostly silent. At some point, they are mentioned in the changelog. Hence, if you are reading ahead, it is your responsibility to check.
  • Changes to the current unit lead to a new version and are announced via email. This is a service for those of you that read the material early and thereby get informed about those parts they might need to revisit.
  • Changes to completed units are only announced in the changelog. We expect you to revisit the changelog towards the exam to ensure that you are up-to-date. We will not add significant amounts of content to past units, but we may do fixes if bugs are discovered later.
We hope this service enables you to comfortably follow the course and allows us to fix issues when we discover them.
This mail is also the first to announce a change to the current unit U03. We had to rewrite the section on move vs. Clone vs. Copy, fixing some ambiguities and imprecisions.
Best regards,
The HOD Team
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