Written on 03.11.2022 09:30 by Andreas Schmidt

Dear HOD students,

to provide you with an asynchronous, virtual platform for peer-to-peer help, we set up a forum. If you have doubts about the material that you want to raise before the exercise group or plenum, feel free to make a post there. Fellow students can answer your question or start a discussion on the topic. It is well-known that teaching/explaining also deepens the understanding of the one explaining, so make use of that opportunity.

The presence of the forum also implies that if you have a question that more people might have, the forum is the place to go, as opposed to a private mail to the instructor. Please only use private mail for private matters (e.g. exam registration/general organisation).

For questions that can be clarified easily, we will step in and do so (e.g. potential bugs in the book). For more intricate questions, we might defer them to the active plenum, where it is easier to explain using spoken language and visualizations.

Looking forward to a fruitful discussion in the forum!

Best regards,
The HOD Team

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