Room Change and Server Downtime

Written on 08.06.2022 13:51 by Sarah Sterz

(All gmail-servers have rejected this news as an email. If you did not get this information, this might be why.)

There are a two things that are important for you to know:

  1. Tomorrow’s lecture will be in HS002 in E1 3 instead of our normal lecture hall. Because of this, the lecture might not be steamed live. It will be recorded as usual. (Expect the video to have relatively poor audio quality, though, since HS002 does not have all the fancy equipment that the GHH lecture hall has.)
  2. As you probably have noticed, the HIZ servers had problems which affected both the dcms and emails.
    • If you have uploaded your assignment already, double check on your Personal Status page whether it was really uploaded correctly.
    • If you contacted any of us via email within the last couple of days and we did not respond in a timely manner, your email probably got lost. Please re-send it and we will make sure to answer to your requests.

Best wishes,
Your Ethics for Nerds team :)

PS: You have requested to change the colour of the controls in the video player in our Nextcloud instance. Though this is technically possible, we nevertheless cannot do that for different reasons. Sorry for that! If the controls annoy you, you can download the videos and watch them in your favourite video player. There also is a link to a Youtube playlist in the Materials section that contains all PT videos.

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