Discussions for Your Admission

Written on 02.06.2022 15:25 by Sarah Sterz

This is a quick reminder that you need a discussion session with a tutor to get the exam admission. Almost none of you have made an appointment so far. To do that, contact Ursela. (If you click this link, you will get a pre-phrased email with all the necessary details.)

Please note:

  • Do not wait too long, otherwise we cannot make any guarantees for your favourite time slots. The faster you are done with your session, the better.
  • Discussion sessions need no preparation at all. If you manage to get a lively discussion, there is no way to fail the discussion session. You can either choose a topic yourself or you can let the tutor choose a topic for you.
  • It may happen that we have a discussion session with two groups at once if you are in relatively small groups.

So, get in contact with Ursela to make your discussion appointment soon.

Best wishes
Your Ethics for Nerds team

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