Hands-On Session on Thursday

Written on 31.05.2022 12:13 by Sarah Sterz

Our next lecture will be our third and last Hands-On Session. It will be on how to write a term paper and on the Precise Thinking part of the course. It is best if you have at least watched the videos from PT1 and PT2. It would be even better if you had already watched the videos from PT5. However, if you have not watched any PT videos yet or you don't recall anymore what they are about, then don't worry. This Hands-On Session will even be useful if you come entirely unprepared, since a lot of the session will go into talking you through the term paper and answering your questions that come up in the process. The remainder of the session will be on content from PT2, but we will do a quick recap beforehand. So, even though the PT videos are crucial to the course, they won't be a requirement for the Hands-On Session.

See you on Thursday,
Your Ethics-for-Nerds team

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