Important Assignment Update (+ Livestreams)

Written on 09.05.2022 18:26 by Sarah Sterz

1. Someone pointed out that one piece of information was missing in the case description in the assignment. Thanks for letting us know! We uploaded a new version that contains the additional sentence “Juan knows all of the above and is justified in his expectations.” Please take that into account!

If you already completed the assignment, you will not have to redo it, though. Just email your solutions to Ursela to let us know such that we can correct your assignment properly.


2. Also, we wanted to let you know that the lectures will not only be recorded and uploaded but will also usually be streamed live in MS Teams. Unfortunately, online interaction during the lecture is limited as we often will not be able to keep an eye on the chat while giving a lecture. There are still plenty of office hours you can come to, though, if you have any questions!


Best wishes,
The Ethics-for-Nerds team

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