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Saturday Lecture Session

Written: 05.07.2018 11:59
Modified: 05.07.2018 12:01
Written By: Gilles Nies

Liebe Studierende,

our Saturday seminar session (7.7.2018) will start at 9:00.

We will have 4 lectures in the morning and 2 in the afternoon, with a lunch break at roughly 13:00.

As discussed, you will be able to order pizza for a flatrate of 5€, the rest will be covered by the chair.
Please bring the money on Saturday.

We will order at Al Bacio.
In order to not unnecessarily stretch the lunch break, we need to place the order the day before,
so please send your order via email to Gilles before Friday (6.7.2018) 5 PM, otherwise you will be defaulted to a pizza Margherita.

Beste Grüße
   Holger Hermanns & Gilles Nies

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