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Written on 11.08.14 by Holger Hermanns

It is advised to express interest rapidly by signing up, because we are going to give this seminar a running start.

Advanced Concurrency Theory

This is a seminar following up on the module 'Nebenläufige Programmierung'.

We will first have a critical look into the features of 'observational congruence' as the pre-ultimate candidate in our beauty contest. This will be prepared partially by individual work, and partially in a reading group. We then embark on the main individual works. Each participant will study a topic that has good relations to the 'Nebenläufige Programmierung' module. The core areas are:

  • Service Oriented Computing
  • Business Process Modelling
  • Testing Concurrent Programs
  • True Concurrency Semantics

Plenary meetings will be held roughly around August 20, and then a few more in mid to end September.

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