tPhase 1: Topic Selection

Today: Every participant should select a Topic

The choice of topic should be definite.
A change of topic requires a reason and is only possible until November 8.

  • The provided material is a reference point.
    It is possible to search for and include further material.
  • Some of the provided papers are long and/or technical.
    In all cases, however, it should be possible to extract some of the main messages.
    As a guide line, the main points for the seminar will be contained within the first 12 pages of the document.
    (Depending on the document, this can be more or less. In doubt, please ask.

Phase 2: Reading

After the topic selection, your most important task is to read the paper.

The reading phase will span over the entire seminar, but it will be mixed with other tasks later on.

Check Point 1: 5 minute talks. (10% of final grade)

End of November/Beginning of December, every participant will give a 5 minute talk which summarizes the topic and motivates, why we should be interested in it. Here the emphasis is on the presentation quality.

Phase 3: Writing

An important part of the seminar is to write a summary of the material, with the following constraints.

The document should be written using LaTeX, using a template that I will provide.
The length should be exactly 6 pages. A title page, references, and pictures do not count to these pages.

Check Point 2: Title page of the document. (5% of final grade)

By December 20, every participant has to provide a (first version of the) title page of the document. The key element is an abstract, summarizing the content with the own words.

Check Point 3: Submission of the summary for peer review. (25% of the final grade)

By January 17, every participant will have to submit the summary. The summaries will then be distributed to the other participants.

This is a hard deadline, late submissions will not be accepted.

The submission is required for the remaining steps, including the talk.

Phase 4: Review and Talk Preparation

The core of the seminar are the presentations.

Check Point 4: Submission of a draft of the slides. (10% of the final grade)

By January 31, every participant has to submit a draft of the slides to be used. The slides should be in a state that you consider ready to present.

This is a hard deadline, late submissions will not be accepted.

From February 1 on, we will schedule personal meetings to discuss the slides individually.

Phase 5: Final Results

We will schedule a block (two entire days) in February or March where all presentations will be given.

Check Point 5: Presentation (40% of the final grade)

Each presentation should be exactly 25 minutes.

Check Point 6: Handing in Reviews (10% of the final grade)

By February 29, all reviews should be handed in. Reviews contain a public and a private part. The public part will be given to the authors in order to improve the draft. Reviews are expected to be fair and reasonable. (Unreasonable and insulting reviews will be sorted out and not passed to the authors.) The main purpose of the reviews is that you demonstrate the skill to objectively provide feedback. It will not have a direct effect on the grade of the author.

Check Point 7: Final Submission of Summaries

By March 14, the final versions of the summaries should be submitted. There is no direct percentage of grade contribution, since it belongs to Check Point 3.

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