Final grades available, re-exam information

Written on 05.08.2019 16:14 by Daniel Stan

Final Grades

Dear students,

As stated in the title, the final grades of the exam have just been entered on the website. Despite the difficulty of the exam, all of you achieved more than 50 points hence passed the class, congratulations! Considering the (excessive) length of the examination, the grade scale has been revised to reflect this difficulty, namely achieving all exercises except the last one (14 points) already grants you a 1.0.

Bonus was then added to the final grade according to the rule explained in Lecture 01, slide 19.

Due to some request, the exam file and some sample solution are available in the material section, enjoy!


I am available in my office E1 3, 532 everyday from 2pm to 4pm from Tuesday 06.08.2019 to Monday 12.08.2019 in order to let you check/inspect your exam. Shall you want to inspect your exam after this date, please send me an email to make sure I am around.


I recall that a re-exam is scheduled on Monday 16.09.2019, 2pm. Due to the low number of students that may want to take part in it, we have decided to organize an oral examination instead. This oral (re)-examination will take place at the same place and date and will be evaluated by Prof. Hermanns and myself. Please register on LSF and this website at least one week before, if you want to retake this exam.


Shall we not meet each other again, I hope you enjoyed this class and wish you all the best, in particular great vacations!

Daniel Stan

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