Lecture on Friday this week

Written on 19.06.2024 17:47 by Holger Hermanns

Dear Students,

On upcoming Friday I am seriously blocked starting from 9:00 AM and there is no short-term replacement in sight. Luckily, the material on hashing is almost covered, it will take another 30 minutes to complete it. As a result, I will present the missing material starting 08:25 in GHH, and will stop at 08:55.

Since this is probably asking a bit much of you to come out to such a short lecture that early in the day, I will be robust in controlling my emotions should I be almost (or entirely) on my own on that morning in GHH. In any case, I guarantee for the recording to be made available swiftly and in good quality (remember that usually there is no such guarantee).

The Programming 2 Team Leader

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