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Written on 08.03.2022 09:58 by Andreas Schmidt

Dear HOD students,

we have some good* news for you: Looking at the course schedule, we decided that we provide the last two project templates earlier than announced. This means that you have more time to work on them.
For P02, we release the template this Thursday, 10th March, after we completed "U08: Working Reliably with Codes" in the morning.
For P03, we release the template this Friday, 11th March, after we completed "U09: Fault Trees" in the morning. Please note that to complete the project, you also need "U12: Dependability Theory". We do not expect that you immediately work on that before we covered it in the plenum, but thought that releasing the project skeleton and letting you work on the first "half" reduces stress towards the end of the course.
Based on the successful grading run yesterday, we offer another optional grading run for all submissions for all projects handed in by April 1st 2022, 15:00 CEST. Hence, if you want to be certain that you pass the project before you take the exam, make use of this.
And please... don't keep all the projects for the last week before the deadline. We do not want you to go like this in front of your laptop:
Best regards
The HOD Team
* potentially good... depends on how you feel about "more work earlier"
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