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Written on 02.03.2022 11:42 by Andreas Schmidt

Dear HOD students,
we were asked about ways to enable some real-time communication between students taking this course (which I would call "the virtual Foyer/seminar room in E1.3"). We believe those daily office hours, the plenum, and the forum already provide quite some means to communicate with other students. But we understand that the "hang-out area" for informal, ad-hoc communication is missing.
Thanks to your fellow student Jonas Elflein, there is now a Discord server to discuss HOD things. You can access it via this link:
Note that the Discord server is neither operated nor moderated by us (the Dependable Systems and Software chair). Further, it is totally possible to participate in (and pass) the course without using Discord. Official announcements are done via dcms and we also won't tell secrets in Discord. So do not feel forced to use this.
However, if you feel like interacting more closely with your fellow students, we believe this is a good idea. Finally, these real-time chats (divided by topic) are quite common in the Rust community to ask questions and get help, so this experience can be helpful for you as a new Rustacean.
Best regards
The HOD team
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