Option to take HOD as a Graded Course

Written on 01.03.2022 19:13 by Andreas Schmidt

Dear HOD students,
again, we are sorry about the confusion regarding "Advanced Lecture" and the course being graded. To clarify, everything we did so far is in accordance to the study regulations - it's only that "usually" advanced lectures are graded. However, we understand that this course is more attractive for you if you can also use it for the "graded lectures" pool in your study program. We also understand that some of you assumed this to be graded and planned for the credit points. Given that the course is already running, we, unfortunately, don't have the options to adapt. In particular, we discussed about shifting deadlines for projects or exam dates, but we believe this creates more issues than it solves.
Still, we want to offer you a way to get a grade for the course. As has been announced using other means, HOD is going to be offered again (with only minor tweaks) as a graded semester course in summer 2022. Our offer is now the following: If you want the grade, please stick with the course, take exams, submit projects, and we promise that we will find a pragmatic way for you to get a grade in summer 2022 without having to retake the full course. If you want to do this and need the Schein earlier than summer break 2022, please drop Andreas Schmidt a mail.
For those that simply want the ungraded 6 CP Schein, nothing changes in the next weeks.
So stay tuned. And again, apologies for the confusion.
Best regards
The HOD team
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