Graded Schein Upgrade Option

Written on 25.10.2022 16:11 by Andreas Schmidt

Dear HOD students,
thanks for taking this HOD iteration.
For those of you that have passed the course and want to have a graded Schein, here is the promised pragmatic upgrade option: Participate in the exam of the current (Winter 22/23) iteration, which is more difficult but therefore leads to a grade. If you pass, your HOD21/22 Schein without a grade can be replaced with a HOD22/23 Schein with the achieved grade.
Having passed this (Winter 21/22) iteration, you are already qualified for the exam. In this case, your personal status page now has a registration for the "Graded Exam". Please use this if you want to participate. The exam date is going to be announced in the next weeks.
Best regards
The HOD Team
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