Written on 22.02.2022 10:53 by Andreas Schmidt

Dear HOD students,

The start of HOD is getting closer, and we are really excited to embark on our journey this week's Friday at 10:00 sharp.

Due to the ongoing restrictions, we meet in Zoom, for which you can find the link in our "course room" under materials. We will record no parts of the course, but the material that is presented is made available online. This way, we hope that some of you feel like joining the class with "video on" so that we also see who is attending the course and not just read names. We hope the course becomes a bit more personal this way, although we still must use digital communication means only.

For the last course week (after the two-week break), we are currently figuring out if we can do them in hybrid mode, as restrictions in Germany are lifted by March 20th. We will inform you in time, and hybrid means that you can still attend virtually (may it be for health reasons or because you are not currently in Saarbrücken). We hold the promise we gave earlier that virtual attendance is possible.

With that, we wish you a successful week (good luck with any exams you write) and are looking forward to seeing you on Friday!

Best regards
The HOD-Team

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