Recap Sessions on Theories of Ethics

Written on 27.04.2023 12:02 by Sarah Sterz

If you want to participate in an in-person recap session, you will have to register on your personal status page. This is to ensure that these session say within the capacity of the rooms they are in. The registration is first-come-first-serve. Please only register if you plan on coming, so that you do not take slots away from other students.

If you want to participate in an online recap session, you do not need to register, but you can just come to your preferred slot. Online recap sessions will take place in MS Teams.

During the recap sessions you will get to practice skills that are relevant for both your assignments and the exam. In case of the recap sessions on theories of ethics, this will be: practicing the application of consequentialism, of Kant’s moral theory, and of Scanlon’s contractualism. Attendence is completely voluntary and all materials that are used in the sessions will be posted online, too. Notice that all six recap sessions in the next two weeks will be identical. So, attending one of them will be enough.

See you around! :)

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