Registration for Re-Exams

Written on 04.10.2023 18:35 by Maximilian Köhl

Dear students,

The two re-exams for part T and A of our lecture will take place on Monday, October 16th, 2023 between 09:50 and 13:00 in the Günter-Hotz lecture hall (GHH).

We start with re-exam T at 10:00, please be there 10 minutes early, at 9:50.

We start with re-exam A at 11:25, please be there 10 minutes early, at 11:15.

Like the main exams, each re-exam will take 60 minutes.

Please note that you have to register for the re-exams in LSF (if required by your terms of study). Please register in LSF until Monday, October 9, 23:59. If your study program does not use LSF registration, please register on your personal status page instead.

If you did not pass the project yet, you cannot register in LSF. In this case, please write an e-mail to (Sekretariat Studienkoordination) such that they can register you manually.

Kind regards,
Your Concurrent Programming Team

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